And we´re back home again

And we´re all of a sudden back home again. Our home away from home, that is. Despite all delays yesterday, we arrived our final destination around 05.30 (!). Since I have an annoying need of packing up before going to bed, we weren´t settled before around 20.30..! Oh yes, what a long, long, terribly long Monday. But the little one was perfectly fine, we think, and that´s all that counts. We survived our second first flight trip ever, and Aksel managed pretty well winning over his phobia of flying. He even held panda penzo-enzo during landing! I think his little hands gave his father the extra strength that he needed ;-) Little hands which by the way slept almost the entire route- once again! Have we been spoiled or not, imagine being so lucky being able to power nap the eye lids for a couple of moments a long the way! Oh, we´re so happy it all went so well as it did :-) If flying with a baby is like this, I don´t need to wonder any more about how my parents managed to fly with me all the way to the Philippines, only a few months after birth! That´s what I call sporty! Or rather dedicated children who just wanted their family to meet their firstborn … :-) ♥

Anyways. This smileyface below has shared another relaxing, good Tuesday with me. Tuesday means funday, because Tuesday means baby swimming, so Tuesdays equals thumbs up. Tomorrow will actually also be a thumbs up- day, because we´ve already booked ourselves to a group training session at the gym. We´re already excited! I´m sure the little one is already dreaming of the studio with all the other babies surrounding him *haha*. I only managed to do one training session while being away, which is way to bad, I know. But I supplemented it with snow shoveling, because unlike in South, the snow was pouring down. I managed to take some photos with the Canon N2 (we didn’t´t bring along the Sony, to my great grief…), hopefully I´ll have time to share them later this week. But for now: it´s mommy-daddy-couch-TV-time before bed! And it´s practically holy! So I just can´t miss it. Enjoy your evening all!


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