Today, and looking back

New week, hello!

Our mornings started just as any mornings for the last period: greeted with a smile from ear to ear, with no worries at all! I´m not lying one inch when saying this year being a homebound mom for the first time isn´t the best. I´m so sorry to brag about it all the time, but its the very truth. Although he´s waking up earlier than before (months ago, we could lay in bed to around 9-10 A.M.), I just let him talk and entertain himself for a little while. Sometimes he talks himself to sleep again, but other times the talkshow is so loud and ongoing that there´s no sleeping more for non of us *hehe*. But whenever I peek over to his side, he looks upon me with the biggest eyes and the biggest smile. This isn´t exactly the first time you´re hearing about it, I know, but guys! Imagine the sight, will you! Adorable or not?!  Heartmelt ♥ Though I have to say, at this very second, I really feel the repercussion of waking up one hour or two, too early *yawn*. Even the baby songs playing in his playpen feels like hypnotising lullabies making my eye lids feel so, so heavy.. But no can do, I´ll just delay my nap an hour more so we can go to sleep together. All household chores I luckily prioritised during the weekend so I could have a rather relaxing start to the week (thumbs up to housewife planning).  ⇒ This was about all I had time for before the little one demanded my full attention. You see now how I sometimes makes these blog posts in sequences? :p 

Anyways. Despite my pelvic problems, I´ve gone on daily walk with the stroller. I mean, the dog needs to be taken out for a walk, plus the little one likes sleeping outside.. So I just bite my lips together and put one foot in front of the other..  I´m on a waiting list for a physiotherapy, so in the mean while I´ll just have to do my best to recover on my own. There´s several good youtube- videoclips on the WWW to be found, and I find many of them inspirational for strengthening the core, and hopefully my pelvic. We´ll see if I´ll improve.

I´ve promised photos from our trip to Kirkenes, but as I scrolled through the memory card, it was surprisingly few photo candidates for editing… I don´t have many photos to offer due to my Sony A7 camera being left at home, exclamation mark! Here are photos taken with the Canon. The quality is not living up to what I´m used to so we mostly use it for filming…. First photo above is a photo of me and little Prince Charming after a swimming session with Aksel and some grandparents. Look at him wanting that bottle of milk so bad *hehe*, he´s always quite hungry after a dip in the water! The rest of the photos are taken from our backyard. As told, the snow kept pouring down, almost everyday, and so instead of hitting the gym, I grabbed the snow spade and rather made an outside strengthening activity out of it. This is what I hate with living too far away from my parents; not being able to help them out with these kinds of things. But what can one do, things are the way they are, and we just have to do our best with what we have. As they say very often in USA; in God we trust ;-)


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