We´ve been a family for 6 months now!

This precious little fellow recently turned 6 months! I mean, c´mon, didn’t´t I just gave birth to him?? The time, the time, guys…! He´s growing, he´s developing and his own little self is coming more and more visible. This isn´t just some cute baby anymore which easily gives vibes to panda bears you just want to hug, and hug, and hug some more, but this is becoming Lucas Lorenzo, a little guy with his own personality! This day had to be celebrated, of course, so we returned to Oslo for a sunny Sunday in the capitol city.

Today has been such an eventful day, but I´m so tired and just want to crash the couch for the rest of the evening.. So I´ll tell you more about it tomorrow along with a couple of photos as well. An update has been very much needed *heeh*! Enjoy the rest of the Sunday, and remember to turn the clock!

Love, E.


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