Heat wave

I had so many photos from the weekend, it was such a blast going through them and editing them. They say it´s a joy capturing images, but they´ve completely left out the part saying how editing them, and enhancing the beauty within is perhaps an even greater joy.

The weather forecast expected the weather to be warm and sunny, but never in a million years were we prepared for the heat wave we had coming. The summer feeling hit us hard, all of a sudden, I´ll even go as far as to say it almost felt like a punch to the face *hehe*! It was good and all, but I had completely forgotten about my pollen allergy…… Even though it comes around this time around of the year (every year, that is). Although it seriously tried to ruin my time, I have to keep in mind that the important thing was that we got to spend quality time together, finally, out in day light for one time´s sake. And we had all cause for celebration and enjoying ourselves extra this weekend, since our little guy turned 182,5 days and all (6 months *trying-too-hard-be-creative*).

On Saturday we went to see my little brother´s new place, plus we got to fully enjoy their panorama view of Oslo from the top of their building. On Sunday on the other hand, we took a stroll around with no game plan at all. Nothing but to eat outside somewhere, since Lola finally had the joy of coming with us on a family outing. Going out with her by our side always makes us feel complete, some how. Whenever we make the decision of leaving her home, we too often find ourselves regretting it and feeling pretty bad about it. Isn´t that a pretty clear signal of how she´s considered more than just a pet, but more like a real family member *hehe* :-)

One minor minus about Sunday though, must be that the clock had to be turned one hour ahead, which of course made it´s impact on the panda´s sleeping routines.. So today have been dedicated to just staying at home with him, trying to adapt to the new time schedule. It wasn’t´t quite as bad as yesterday, but it´s clear he still need one day or two before he´s fully adjusted.

I´ve otherwise taken him for longer strolls recently while Aksel have been at work. We´ve not only been around the area, but
we´ve actually been to Oslo as well two times already! It´s fun doing different things, and more importantly, I feel like him and me both are really taking the most advantage of my maternity leave. I´m quite sure I´ll never find myself looking back thinking about different things I should´ve, could´ve, wouldn’t´t have. And that´s pretty much my main goal for this year, which is on it´s pretty little way of being checked, checked and checked :-) Feeeeeels good! Especially with days like today in between where I can finally make myself relax and just be here, at home, snuggling and not having one single thing on the agenda. I recently discovered, or became aware of how stressed out I really was about the danger of missing out during this first important year of his. But today, I think I´ve finally proven to myself that I´m putting that stress behind. I mean it´s still on my mind, I don´t want to miss out one single thing, but not like it has been. I find myself more capable than before, to pull myself back a few notches and catch my breath. So, a huge pat on the back to myself- from myself!


(This particular photo right above, is taken of Silje Marie Mosveen.)


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