Loving this year´s collection as well

I can´t decide whether or not I love summer or not. Maybe because I´ve now gotten the experience of not only birds singing, blue skies and sun rays, but also my pollen allergy, which I hate-hate-hate. So now, on days like today, with grey skies a little fresh -pollen free(?)- wind to my face, I suddenly feel a whole lot better. Perhaps it´s better not dwell on whether I love blue skies or not, at least I´m able to say that bad weather doesn´t always make me feel down :-) And that´s good, right? It´s like I can hear the sound of my mother saying in the background: a new day, everyday, should be looked upon as a blessing, no matter what *hehe*.

Anyways. I´ve taken a pause from my daily chores here at home to look for a dress to wear on the coming national day in May. And to my great joy, Boozt has the new collection of Ida Sjöstedt! Now this, this is real eye candy! Nothings is more appealing to me than lace! View the whole collection here.

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(ad links) top (not from the new collection, though) here – skirt here – dress here – shorts here – dress here

Let´s pray the great weather from last year will repeat itself! And this time, I won´t have a baby bump to carry around for hours; which is kind of weird, because I remember last time being overly frustrated with what I could wear to look proper on that day. I thought it was really difficult to decide what to go for, but this year on the other hand, when I don´t have the bump “issue” (or at least that kind of bump *hehe*), it´s still hard to figure out what to wear! I know, a real First world problem vs. Third world problems.. Well, anyways. What do you think of the collection? For those who haven´t the beautiful national Norwegian dress, perhaps these alternatives could be something? :-)


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