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Today´s what they´d call “heart sigh” here in Norway..

I just wanted to recommend a movie I just saw the other day. I stumbled upon it on Youtube (here with English title), and it has easily reached my top 5 movies of all time. Many scenes from the movie do I remember seeing as a child while being on vacation back home in the Philippines. I´ve seen and experienced the gap between the poor and the wealth. And I´ve heard stories. If I´d share some of them with everyone I know here in Norway, I´m sure some wouldn’t´t even believe in me and think that I´d make up stories for the attention. Being exposed to how the world is really like is actually a positive thing..It´s an eye opener, a mind opener which gives some perspective on life. To be able to really comprehend the differences from one industrialised country, to a development country.

When I studied Globalization and Development, I remember reading that there´s actually enough land and food for everyone on this earth, but the problem was on the other side, how our resources are distributed. Isn´t it heartbreaking to know? How unfair this world, this life can be? The movie was such a slap in the face to my spoiled luxury problems. They say desperate situations requires desperate measurements.. This would probably describe the lives of many to this very second. I can never imagine walking in the shoes of the protagonist, never imagine the daily struggles of so many people not only in the Philippines, but out there, in the rest of the world. If there´s one thing I´ll bring with me from this movie, it´ll be that I´ll never judge a book by its cover. There´s always going to me more than one side to the story, and I´m so sad to realise how some sacrifices themselves, letting their true story go untold publicly, in order to save or help their family and loved ones.

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