Second time since birth

This is only the second time I´ve been here since I gave birth, which means second time in about a period of six months. While the husband on the other hand, probably around 16 times a month! Which is not thanks to the view, but thanks to hunting down Pokemons (which again, did I mention he´s finally done and done with??)! These pictures were taken last Sunday when we went for a long stroll. This was our second stop to our tour around L-wood. Pretty, isn´t it? Although it´s far behind what we had back in beloved Hamar.. But in any case, this is what we got now. Who knows in a couple of years. Perhaps 2-3 years from now on? :-)

As you can see, the weather was on the camera´s side. I miss taking photos of nature, but now that their preparing the grounds behind us for more apartment blocks, we´ve lost our little green paradise nearby. But in a couple of weeks, it´s Easter, which means plans of out of town getaways, which furthermore means new exciting locations for photography! So be patient with me. Not to mention that in less than two months, we´ll have new streets ans sightings to explore! *Wee!*

And by the way! Most of the recent photos are taken with Canon G7x Mark ii, and after going through a bit of editing, I find them pretty good as, or if not just as good as, photos taken with the Sony A7. And here we´re talking about using the auto settings vs. manual; which is GOLD now that I have the little one which gives me close to zero time adjusting every little thing on the camera. I just *snap*, *snap* and later I go *wow*, *wow*! I can really recommend the Canon for those of you on the lookout for a point-and-shoot-camera! Gold, I tell you!


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