Three months up to now

Goodness! Has it has really been three months since my last update? Well, I´m breaking the total radio silence, finally!

(Photo cred: Silje Mosveen)

A long story told in just a few lines
It started off with the preparations before our move, and I slowly, but surely started packing up our things a months ahead the moving date. And from there, time has just flown by! We were so lucky to receive good help from family and friends, so we actually managed to move absolutely all of our things in one (!) day! The very next day, my parents helped us clean down the other apartment before handing it back to its owners, and from then on, we could focus on settling in our very own again. But I guess we still didn´t feel we could lower our shoulders before most of the furniture were at place; and this took us another 3-4 weeks. So I´m sorry, but my head´s been in a completely other place, so I just haven´t prioritized much time on the computer. When we finally felt settled, sickness struck me hard, which has actually taken me four weeks now to shake off. And so here I am, almost halfway through summer vacay, and now finally ready to spend some me- time here again. Despite being busy moving, mostly, the few hours in between everything, we´ve done some pleasant things as well. To mention some, we´ve attended a confirmation in Skien, we´ve been invited, and we too have invited others for dinners and other social gatherings.We´ve biked with Lucas for the very first time, and we´ve spent a few lovely hours at a beach just outside Oslo, where he learned how it feels to have sand between his toes! Lola unfortunately developed pyometra and had to undergo a surgery to remove her uterus. Now all is well with our four legged baby, but it was a couple of hard weeks and days, post- operation, for her. We´ve visited a couple of our friends where we´d made our first acquaintances with their newborn babies, we´ve walked our new child carrier (a larger one made for longer outdoor trips), plus Aksel made his first bus ride to the capital city with the little one for a little city getaway. He has also finally started his vacation from work, his final exams are done, and so we´ve been able to spend more time as a family. All in all, time hasn´t exactly been standing still even though it´s been radio silent here. But I´m back, quite ready for updates for those of you who follows me, and for my own sake for the future, to have this blog to scroll through with saved memories ♥

(Below are some photos from Skien that has been stuck on my draft for quite some time now..)


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