Is it still Thuesday the 25th of July? What a looong day. Not really any wonder when you woke up at 8AM, jumped off the bed and began straight ahead with today´s to-do-list (which seemed pretty packed considering we wanted everything chekcked off before 12AM!). Oh well. What can I say, when you´re in a dream team, everything seems possible ;-) So at 12AM, I stood by the door ready to welcome our guests for a social chika lunch while feeling the burden of that checklist being lifted and evaporated into something non- existing.

After moving to the new apartment and taking use of our new dining table, I have to admit, hosting lunch or dinner has been a total dream come true. I love how I can easily extend it and how I can fit each and everyone around the same table. Nothing´s better than that. I swear, sometimes, I think I just invite people over just to feel the good use of that table! Haha, no I´m joking now, but on the same time, it can´t be so far from the truth, because I love,love,love it! Ok, last sentence about this topic: if I could pick just one thing from the living room and the kitchen to bring along for our next future homes (did you notice the plural -s!?), it would definetely be the dining table! Anyways. Today I served waffles, and it is the best recipe I´ve made and tasted so far. And even you can make this! You can find it here.

Our little bundle of joy has also been in his little swimming pool on the terrace. Aksel always find time for them to fill it up and play in the water, even if it´s just for a couple of moments. Aksel loves it, there´s no doubt Lucas loves it, and I´m so glad the only responsibility I have is to snap some photos for his first year album *haha*. But when we´re leaving for a week abroad next week, I so taking charge of playing with him out in a (much, much larger) pool!

But before flying out of the country, we going off to Bergen for a couple of days. We´re heading there tomorrow, and since we just recently (read: hours ago) decided tomorrow for our departure day, we´ve only just begun packing! *eeeek* I already have a strong, strong feeling we´ll completely forget something, or somethings, of importance!


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