Family trip to Bergen

We almost at the finishing line regarding packing, only a few things more to bag and we´re off! Plus we´re waiting for our little hero to wake up from his nap. I mean, a 7-8 hour drive ahead with a baby who´s just not fond of sleeping in the car.. It might go terribly wrong. So we´re investing in an hour or so of charging his batteries for whatever that awaits .. ;-) Our fourlegged beauty is coming as well, and the dog lover that Aksel and I are, we´re genuinely excited to bring her along. Nothing is better than bringing her along on such occasion as this. Everything else than her daily walks around the block is such an adventure to her, and we´re really quite sure we´re prolonging her life with experiences like these. We´ve already made outdoor plans for tomorrow, just for some extra quality time with this fury baby whose perhaps felt a bit left aside compared to Enzo baby.. But the love is as strong for the both of them, however she may feel ♥

Next time I´ll be talking to you will be from the west coast! Wish us good luck (7-8-9 hours drive with to borings kids in the back…….)!


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