We went up Fløyen

And once again, we wake up in Bergen, good A.M. And when I say A.M., I mean really, really early A.M., considering we´re in total vacay mode and all… The smallest one in the family decided it was time to wake up around 05.30, so only after a couple of hours sleep, I´m forced to start the day already! The only problem is that I don´t share the same enthusiasm and fascination to explore the world that early in the morning.. But with him recently turning 10 months, he´s become as active as ever, and so I can´t be exactly be halfway in dreamland while keeping one eye open to watch him. Anyways, what parent wouldn´t be happy and proud to watch their child progress on their motor skills :-)

Yesterday morning the rain was pouring down on this city. It felt like it was never ending, but we kept to our plan on walking up Fløyen in the city center. However, on our way up, the rain kept decreasing until the skies made way for the sun to shine- just in time for our arrival on the very top! Lucky us! Both of our babies (Lola and Lucas) seemed to enjoy the family trip outdoor, so all in all, a great hike! I wish we had such training opportunities in Lørenskog.. Oh well. Enough said about Lørenskog .


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    Family bonding is really precios most my apo is our apple of the eye💖❤👶

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