Hello from Bulgaria!

Hi and hello! A few days has gone by since my last update, and since then we´ve taken the flight to Bourgas in Bulgaria. We´re at Nessebar, which is placed just at the end of Sunny Beach, which further means that we´ve swum every day in the Black Sea ever since our arrival. And I just have to mention, 3 hours flight time is just enough when having a baby whose just begun exploring the world for real, not only with his eyes and his ears, but his hands and wannabe-walking-feet as well! We were lucky he fell asleep exactly when the flight motor started and we were about to lift off. He slept in my arms for about an hour, and then there were two hours left of mommy and daddy trying to entertain as best as we could- while sitting on the very same place! You can imagine how lowball both of us were at the end of that journey *haha*! Anyways. When we set our eyes on the hotel and the following surroundings, it was is if we automatically became fully charged once again. Aksel begged on going either to the beach or the pool just as we entered our room. He reminds me of me- only around 20 years back!

So since we came here, we´ve been to the pool and the beach suite a few times. We´ve visited different restaurants, we´ve taken a walk + jogged to the old city, plus we recently enjoyed 5 hours of sunny splash and fun at the Pirates of the Carribean mini- resort (which is only a 5 min walk from our place). What a p-e-r-f-e-c-t location! We´ve also booked ourselves in to a studio at a hotel, which follows a small kitchen. This is just perfect for our situation having Lucas and all (eating breakfast together at Enzo´s own schedule, boiling all of hit bottles etc.), and especially the short distance to just about everything. A clap -or two- at the shoulders of my husband who always finds the best places for us :-)

Can´t wait for a new day tomorrow. We´ve already planned to go along the beach just after sunrise (or, it depends on enzopenzo panda again ;-)), plus we´ve been thinking of using the hotel´s gym where we can finally do a workout together for one time´s sake- all the while Enzo´s playing just beside us :-D!


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    Enjoy your holiday in a fantastic warm place👏👏👏beautiful pictures👶👶👶😉😍

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