And we´re home again

Hello again, only this time from a cold summer morning in Norway!

We arrived yesterday in the afternoon, but you know me. The second we enter our home, my main goal in life is to put everything on hold and unpack before going to bed. And rather quickly as well. And so I go non stop until it´s all finished, and then I can sit down and continue with my life *hehe*! Both my mother and my brother is staying with us, so we´re in good company. That way, the transition from vacay abroad to the sudden reality isn´t too hash.

We were lucky with our home travel, because Enzo fell asleep on the one hour bus ride to the airport, plus he slept an hour again on the airplane. That left us with a mostly happy baby, even though we used 100% of our energy to entertain our little fellow every minute of the way to keep him, us and everyone else on the plain pleased ;-) And it also seems like we brought the sun along with us! Not quite the same temperature, though, but blue skies and a sunny sun- that we cannot turn down any day :-)

I´ve had some time to go through my recent photos, but (!!), it looks like almost non of my previous edited photos aren´t to be found anywhere -to my huge frustration! And so I´ve used almost all my morning to re-edit, but I still have some awaiting, although it´ll all have to wait because I have an appointment in Oslo in an hour. I´ll share them as soon as they´re ready, though, :-) In the meanwhile, wish you all the best Saturday! After all, it´s the last Saturday of our summer vacay before school starts here in Norway!


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