Paradiso, a little paradise

There! Finally I´m through each and every one of my photos! So I´m sorry, but I just have to resume our Bulgary holiday :-) And don´t get surprised with another two upcoming posts regarding the same, I still have a bunch of pics on hold for you!

Like said before (or have I?), we stayed at the fairly new Paradiso at Nessebar. The photo below shows the view from our 4th floor balcony, and to the right you´ll have the overview of the 8km well known, Sunny beach. Most of the day we spent on eating, or else we could be found in the hotel´s pool, or the beach- which was only a super short walk away from our spot. Just outside the hotel, you´ll find a supermarked, which seemed to be opened 24/7? Dining places where everywhere, plus a couple of steps away from the hotel´s entrance, you´ll find a pickup- place for a local train (?) which took you along Sunny beach from one end, and to Old Nessebar on the other-this for only 15kr per adult! Insanely good? -Yes. And also, along the beach there was a nice promenade connecting you to Old Nessebar, and along this road, a Cicrcus and a Tivloi opened up each night, which brought lots and lots of tourists! Everything I´m mentioning to you right now is just within walking distance from the hotel! Only a minor footstep almost, away. And I´m not exaggerating. Not completely at least. If this doesn´t paint a quite relaxing holiday, then I don´t know! And when enjoying, the time, you know, it just flieeees! Now it´s August 14th, and it is officially the very last day of Summer vacay.. :-( Tomorrow is yet another first planning day for the teacher, which means it´ll be the first working day of a whole school year before the next long vacay! Goodness, that´s a whole year ahead.. But. I´m not despairing, because I on my side, still have some time alone with my best panda baby ♥

Anyways. I´m suddenly off track again, but I meant to tell that even though it´s our first time in Bulgaria, this will probably not be the last, and if we´re ever going back to the very same place, Paradiso will definitely be our hotel again. We can warmly recommend it for other families traveling with children :-)


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    Fantastic,awesome family vacation/ bonding 😎👶👪 wish u more happiness and joy👶

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