Old Nessebar

I´ve had the most weird Tuesday! I went along Aksel to our workplace today to join in on their first planning day, and all day I got the feeling of deja vu´s! And it´s not completely nonsense, because last time I worked before going on maternity leave, was actually the very same time last year, only with a baby bump! And although it felt great meeting colleagues again, I have to admit, it felt pretty good leaving the place knowing I still have many months with my precious, precious panda baby ♥ I´ll have enough time to work in the future, enough time to socialize with other adults, but I only get this opportunity to spend plenty of qualitytime alone with him now. And I´m not turning it down in a million years.

Speaking of panda baby, I still have some more photos of our family trip! If I´d have the means for it, I´d definitely use most of my maternity leave on showing him the world- despite his young age. Absolutely! So if anyone sits on too much money.. I´ll gladly accept and promise to use it wisely :-)

Below are the last pictures of a long stroll in Old Nessebar. And of course almost no photos of the Mrs.Elle herself, sadly enough! This is always an issue, but I guess it´s old news to other hobby photographers as well!


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  • Reply August 15, 2017


    Fantastic places and beautiful shots,👪👶🏻❤

    • Reply August 18, 2017


      Missing the place already! <3


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