Starting the day off in the gym

Yes! I´m finally back to where I left off before giving birth in regards of my weekly training routines. My sport mojo is back on track, and I like, like, like. I´m currently in this great state where I go to bed around 22-23, get 7-8 hours sleep and wake up when our natural alarm goes off (read: when Enzo wakes up). Then we either eat breakfast or toss something else lightly before hitting the gym, and around 07-08: 3-5 workout days are check, check and check! I don´t have any goals with my training other than being active 3-5 days a week whereas I´ll do some weightlifting or cardio. I just want to feel my body at use in that way. Or perhaps I´m lying a bit, because ever since my pelvic problems increased I do have a desire to build up my core again. So yes, forget what I said; I do have a mission after all ;-)

My problem in the start, I think, was setting too high goals, too high expectations which didn’t´t correlate to what was realistically possible at the time. Jumping off to 4-6 workout days a week all of a sudden, was just not in my cards, logically. And so I turned it down a few notches and thought that at least 2 weightlifting days a week, with 1-2 cardio days in between was actually possible now. And no, working our in the afternoon or in the evening just doesn’t´t cut it with me. If I´m going to continue in this pace, I´ll have to finish it off in the morning- just as I´d done pre-pregnancy!

I´ve earlier posted that I´ve felt back on track with my training- and I haven´t lied, because I´ve really thought that I had, but it´s not until now that I perhaps I´m really back to where I was before. I just wake up now and the most natural thing that comes to body and mind (besides caring for little Enzo of course), is the workout of today that awaits -with pleasure-! And believe it or not, but our holiday in Bulgaria didn’t´t all exist of eating, tanning and bathing; but also a few training sessions! :-D Posting along 2 photos from the training studio at Paradiso in the morning ♥


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    Training for the physical fitness, training to stay focus😉👍

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