Workmode off today

Good A.M.! I can´t lie. It feels w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l to know that though Aksel´s school year has started, I´m waking up to a completely schedule free day! Aaaah! Can´t brag enough about it, I´m so sorry! I´ll never wake up next year thinking that I didn´t embrace this period enough- never! :-)

And next week we´ll continue with baby swimming again, plus on top of it, September is right ahead of us with lots and lots of plans. It´ll be the most busy month in Enzo´s first year! We still have some things on the checklist for his up and coming first birthday celebration, plus all of our weekends are completely booked on social happenings (who says having a baby makes you lonely?!..). September, here we come! what we´re not quite ready for, however, is October..Because that marks the start-up date of my little Enzo´s start at the kindergarden…. For the time being, though, we´ll try not to focus too much on that subject.. To bring back the good mood, I´ll add this beautiful sunset photo below, once again taken on our recent travel to Bulgaria :-)


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