A day out under the sun

OK, so summer wasn´t quite over yet. Or is it? The changing weather makes me dizzy, it goes from 9 degrees to 17 all of a sudden. What to wear, what to expect?.. Nonetheless, we do however enjoy the weather when it offers itself from its good side :-) Below are some photos of my active little monkey, nothing bad about that, other than it can be challenging to keep up with him, but it is on the other side a healthy sign, isn´t it? Curious and keen on learning about life and the world. That´s my little boy. A blessing in every way. With that said, I´d like to add a little prayer for especially babies who are ill (borrowed from Google): Heavenly Father, we lift up all those who are facing various illnesses. Give them the hope and courage they need today and every day. Comfort their pain, calm their fears, and surround them with Your peace. In Jesus´name, Amen!


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  • Reply August 25, 2017


    Yes Almighty Father we pray for all the sick babies and children…. in the name of your Son our Lord Jesus and The Most Holy Spirit…Amen 💙🙏

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