we <3 Tuesdays

Hello Tuesday! As a resume from the spring, Lucas and I are welcoming Tuesdays once again with open arms, because no Tuesdays once again stands for baby swimming! I´ve been looking forward to this from the last swimming session in June, but you know what, today after only entering the swimming pool area, my little teletubbie was soo excited! He just couldn’t´t hide it! Hearing the other moms and dads singing and splashing, he began his corky dancing moves while sitting; while waving to them! *Haha!* And I´ve never seen him enjoying the water so, so much as today. He was so active, doing everything that we´d been taught this spring, right. My little monkey-panda-pott-pott-klukk-klukk-lorenzoenzopenzo ♥

Photo below from earlier this week. But in my opinion, it expresses very well how this week´s Tuesday has been :-)


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    Glad to hear that hes on swimming again 👶🏻🏊 love u Lucas apo❤

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