One day closer

A few days ago, we went to the rooftop, hoping to shot a kind-of-1-year-photo-even-though-he´s-not-1-quite-yet-type of photo; a photo we´ll use on his birthday celebration. And since you can´t do all the preparing just days beforehand, the timing suited us now. The sun was up which gave us great lighting conditions, and we´d ordered the perfect photo outfit for him to wear, but. Here are some of the shots we took, and we´re really satisfied, despite the fact that the whole thing was arranged too close to his naptime. Note to self there..
Anyways. Wednesday. Sadly, it also means one day, one huge step closer towards the frightening 5 kilometers at Bislett Stadion in Oslo this coming Saturday. Oh, heavenly God help me… Yesterday I decided to give the whole thing another go at the gym. And guys. It´s so sad. But the truth, and nothing but the truth is that I actually use around 10min per km! Goodness. This is so not where my strength lies. At all.. Aksel keeps laughing at me about the whole thing, he thinks I´m stressing too much about something as small as a whole 5km (versus his usual 42 km with Oslo Marathon).. But let´s see who laughs the most at 15.15 on Saturday!! ;-) Nonetheless, I´ve dropped the gym today, and I´m dropping the whole thing tomorrow, from now on I´ll just focus on relaxing, restitution, eating well and sleeping well. The only thing close to exercising will be stretching out. And of course taking miss Lola out for her daily walks. And then I´ll just pray I´ll survive the whole thing just in time before my little one gets impatient- after all, this will be the first time someone else other than family will take on the job as his babysitter (hopefully for no longer than 45min!!)!


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    Hello Lucas Lorenzo👶👶👶gwapo and always happy,smiling apo😍soon you will be 1 Year old ,we are all excited🎶🎼🎶 love u sunshine.

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