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The photo below is an attempt to work on type-Brandon-Woelfel-kind-of-inspired-pic. Clearly, I have a long, very long way to go, still! Haha, but gosh, for those of you not knowing what kind of magic this guys makes, go Instagram his name this very instant. His account will certainly blow your mind off, and heart will all of a sudden just pop inside your eyes! Believe me. Anyways. This wasn´t the topic of my post, so I´ll just jump to it. The last days, last week, have been..much! Since our last update, Aksel, Elmoon and I participated in each of our races, and we´re all very satisfied with the results :-) Just a big thumbs down to the fact that these races always falls on the exact same date next year as well. And considering non of our immediate family members, beside my little brother, lives nearby, a babysitter is a biiiiit hard to arrange for just that one day. And so I´ve rather decided that I´ll pretend I´ll have a 5km race every, or every other month instead, so next year I´ll be following Aksel and my brother along the trail, cheering them on. Oh, and I also have to add, now that we´re speaking of races, Aksel is considering signing him up with Lucas on their first Children´s Marathon next weekend. They´ll have as long as 100m! Hehe! It´ll be the start of a nice father-son-tradition, don´t you think? :-) Other than that, we´ve begun going to “Babysong” every Monday, and we´re continuing where we left off on this spring´s “Babyswimming” sessions every Tuesday. And did I mention we still attend each of our fysiotheraphist sessions? Yes. Add that to our routine- list. Which leaves Baby cinema occasionally on Thursdays plus cafè- meetings with other mommies and babies on the other days from time to time. And there´s our week. A pretty full week, if you ask me, having a dog on the side as well, who needs her walks before the husbands arrives. Oh, and I can´t forget about dinner either. ..If only the day included several more hours, right? And with something going on every week, the weekend schedule also fills itself pretty much up. Only in September, literally, every weekend is already planned for, like a month ago. But the very last day of this month we´ll have a huge gathering of our dear ones for the little one´s first celebration! And so September will in any way still be my favourite month this year, despite the never ending run again time! :-D


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    Looking foreward to be there with my apo😍😘❤

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