Mini marathon

The weather today, aah, I´m not feeling it at all. You can´t bring back summer the day before and expect me, to expect any other kind of weather the following day.. Na-ah. But since I can´t do anything about it, I´ll just have to leave the subject be. Nonetheless, I still have a little run outside waiting for me. But moving backwards again, my main goal was to talk about yesterday. We took the bus going to Oslo in the morning to do some errands, plus have the time to walk around and have a look at the big city party: Oslo Marathon.

Sooo many contestants, and even the bigger the audience crowd! And I didn’t´t realise they´d made the whole arrangement so child- friendly. We went around and about, and found so many different activities for children to choose between at Kontraskjæret (just by Akershus festning). This will so be a yearly event for us to participate in. We ended up eating a burger just between Aker brygge and Rådhusplassen, which by the way felt so wrong in any way possible on such a sporty day, but when feeling 911- hungry you just inhale whatever´s in front of you. I learned that for children in the ages between 0-4, signing up for the Mini marathon race can obviously be done consecutively, and you can choose to run in between 13.00-15.00; which suited us just perfect. I mean, my little guy needed all the time he could get. Only walking up to the start line was hard enough, let alone all the way to the finishing line! Haha! But he was such a charmer and smiled to all who were rooting for him. I´m telling you, that superstar so enjoyed the whole experience! And it´ll definitely be the first of many runs from here and on! :-) Thinking about that he´ll turn the big o-n-e next year, and then doing this with him, is beyond my understanding. Who´d guess we´d be experiencing this at that point :-D


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    Yeheyyy am so proud of your achievements Lucas apo👏👏👏❤👶🏻 Love u super duper❤🇳🇴🏅🏆

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