Change of plans

The date for panda penzo´s first day in the kindergarten is rapidly approaching. Yes I have butterflies in my stomach, but to put it this way, they aren´t exactly tingling for joy… The date that was given to us was originally, was October the 2nd. But: 1) since the school has it´s usual semester break (autumn vacay?) that particular week, 2) plus it´s my second most important date of the year: I´m officially turning 29; we´ve been given permission to extent his start to one week later. This meaaans more family time, and of course let´s not forget, this gives the best opportunity for my other better half to plan another best birthday- day! ♥ ;-) For a while, I´ve been longing to sun, pool and beach, and I´ve said I will gladly travel alone with the little one. But today, I got another impulse. How about renting a cabin somewhere domestic, where we can light a fire, go for a hike or something! Not exactly thirty degrees or sun soaking, but I imagine this´ll too make for a really nice day/week of celebration? Our merged birthdays next week will be a good start to a whole week of celebration if you ask me ;-)

Jumping on to something completely else. I just want to highlight the importance of having the very right beats banging in your ears while running; the day before yesterday, I thought I´d go for a run outside with the family alongside me, instead of a indoor trad mill session at the gym. And I thought I´ll run for five minutes or so, just until the motivation has blown all out, and I won´t bother myself with pressuring the finishing line to be 5km ahead at Losby golf. But you know what! With new music gave the feet some fire! And I´m sure, if we hadn’t´t gone for a full stop, that I´d manage run right back again. Luckily, Aksel and I switched, so he ran back home with Lola while I on the other hand, jumped on the bike with Enzo in the back seat  (used our Nordic Cab). A really, really nice Sunday that was. I´ll share the playlist sometime this week, for those of you who is in need of new training beats :-) And I have to add, the recent weightlifting sessions have never been better (since birth, that is). I´m slowly, but surely moving back towards the strength I once had, but at the same time, I´ve decided to prioritise cardio and running a bit more, over heavy lifting. At least for a period onwards, now that I´m finally in a good running- flow after the KKmila- participation. I´m even playing with the idea or signing up for 10km, but hush. Don´t tell anyone just yet, perhaps I´ll change my mind *hehe*. If not 10km, then at least some other race next year. I hate to admit it, but I think I´ve gotten the famous hang-up after the 5km debut..!

Another bokeh photo of my sweetest Lola. Another sudden hang-up thing of mine, recently!


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    Looking forward for the first ❤️👶🏻birthday party of Lucas and your 29th b-day celebration and in five days is grateful day when u got your handsome boy 👶🏻🇳🇴❤️🎂🍇🍼🎉🎊

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