Hello :)

Welcome to my blog!

I´m Elle; a 27 years old young woman, whose dreams never seems to stop. I´m excited to share the news that I´m expecting a baby this autumn ♥

Both of my parents are from the Philippines, and I am born and raised in Norway. From I was a little girl, I´ve dreamt of becoming one thing to another. I find the world an exiting place, and I have a heart that really beats for travelling and experiencing new things.


There´s a lot in this world that I love, which you also will learn through my blog.

For one thing, I married the love of my life 5 years ago (2011), Aksel. He was my first sweetheart from the age of 18. Together, we have our dog babies, Milo (5) and Lola (3), the best of the best <3

I have always been and will always be a sucker for the girlygirl colour pink. Or any other bright colours for that matter. I rarely pick black above all other colours; however it must be mentioned that I don´t define other people by their choice of colour :)


Quotes of all kinds are really a big part of my life. I often look at other´s great quotes for an inspirational and/or motivational boost, and I love sharing them. Isn´t it incredible how a few set of words put together in a special order can light up something inside you? <3

I also love taking photos of everything and anything, I am however far from being close to a pro, but I really do enjoy taking photos and editing them.

December of 2012, I forced myself to be more active. I started with cardio, but I have now ended up as an addict for weightlifting.

Both my husband and I tried a lowcarb diet from 2011-2012, I therefore have some lowcarb recipes which I´ve shared on the blog. But with a husband that likes to play chef in the kitchen, there will still from time to time be shared other food/baking recipes and photos.

I hope my blog can be of some inspiration and that you´ll continue to revisit my page :-)